His Serene Highness Prince of Aronne Kingdom of Saints Peter and Paul His Eminence High Priest of God ADMOR of Malta Grand Master United Order of Light Dov B.H. Riger.

Stemma con blasonatura S.A.S. Sua Eminenza il Principe di Aronne


His Eminence the Admor of Malta and His Serene Highness Prince of Aronne is a High Priest, scholar and spiritual leader. Born in Jerusalem, he descends from a Rabbinic Dynasty, going back to Aaron 3,000 years ago. His status of Admor has been passed on from father to son over generations. He studied his family’s secret traditions and mysticism, becoming a Kabbalah practitioner, a scholar and international spiritual leader.
Despite his Jewish roots, His Eminence has, in fact, made it his mission to be of service to the world community by promulgating and practising spirituality beyond all religions – a common ground of unconditional love which unites humankind. His Blessing and Wisdom are frequently called for by many world leaders, heads of government, ambassadors, royal families and people in difficult circumstances. He has done extensive spiritual work in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and, of course, Malta where His Eminence is based.
His Eminence the Admor of Malta is the founder and Grand Master of the United Order of Light, an international organisation made up of people of different religions who come from scientific, academic, economic and financial backgrounds from all over the world, with the mission to supersede religious boundaries and sustain humanity for the common good, overcoming the restrictions of religion and race.
His Eminence the Admor of Malta is also His Serene Highness Prince of Aronne of The Kingdom of Saints Peter and Paul, established and recognised as Independent Subject of International Law with the qualification of State in the Antarctica Continent. The Kingdom is run by the Chivalric Order of Merit of the Kingdom of Saints Peter and Paul, an Entity qualified as a Foreign State, according to European Law.

ATTENZIONE:Il collegamento diretto al sito di seguito indicato è stato personalmente voluto ed espressamente autorizzato da Sua Eminenza, Sua Altezza Serenissima l'Admor di Malta Dov B.H. RIGER Principe di Aronne.


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Conferisce il Titolo Nobiliare di
Sua Altezza Serenissima Principe di Aronne
a Sua Eminenza Admor di Malta DOV B.H. RIGER"

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03 Dicembre 2014